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Hey Yo! Im here, here!!.
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Wednesday, 30 October 2013 | (0)


Ugh, today is a worst dayyyyy -.- fvck it! I have so many task to do and finish it in one day. Yeah crazzzzzzzzzzzeah. And suddently one of my friend that... ugh, boleh kata aku x suka dengan perangainya. I dont mean that i hate her, just i dont like the way she is. Perasan, menyelongkar barang ku, gedik x bertempat. But know what, during im busy manage all the task, she help me. She give me a lot help today. She doesnt eat during racess because help and waiting for me finish it all. Then, she fight with her own bestfriend just because of me she dont want anyone disturb me. Third, she got a fight with a boy that always stalking me, and keep asking for my number phone. Fvck yeah. Geez, why she is too care about me? While me? Keep judging her all time. Ok, my fault. Sorry, i just dont know her heart, because we just met 1 month ago, kot~ So here, i just want ask for a sorry because keep judging without knowing who you are actually. *bini kwangmin bow 90 degree*

   //mianhae, saranghae\\ sorry for the broken eng -.- paii~